Monday, October 6, 2014

Surah Al Ankabuut 45~52

I find another surah that I should share with ALL.

Surah Al Ankabuut from ayat 45 until ayat 52.

If I can compress it, it is about the Quran that is being given to us from Allah azzawajal.

Because I confine myself to write in a very simplistic manner, I will pick ayat 50 & 51 of Suran Al Ankabuut:-
50 - And they (Bani Israel) say "Why are they no signs from your Rabb?"....
51 - Well, does it not suffice (enough) that We have sent down this Book upon you which is recited to them?...

The Quran is ENOUGH to give us ALL a clear sign that Allah is our Rabb and we rely on Him alone. It is such a devine book that it is THE PROOF for those who believe. It enhances the believe system. But we must first seek the proper knowledge to truely understand deeply what Allah is saying in the Quran.

I know in this very short writing, I cannot make people be convinced about the power that Quran possess. It is not my intention to convince you.

The central theme is that, we have to make the effort to really understand the Quran.

Once you understand, it becomes a magnet that you are just attracted to it and wanting to seek more..

Make doa to Allah, that He gives all of US the strength to have the understanding of Quran until the last breath that we take.


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