Monday, October 27, 2014

Life is like a roller coaster ride..

Life is like a roller coaster.. there will be highs and lows.. that is what makes it interesting. So accept life as it is..not perfect unfair at times

This dunya life is a testing ground.. there will be easy tests and there will be difficult ones..

There will be 2 extremes of emotions in life
1. being too confident and becomes arrogant
2. having no confidence and become hopeless and give up

Do not fall into these 2 extreme emotions. Always check yourself to be confident but not arrogant. Argue with facts and keep your emotions at check.

When speaking, think of 3 things:-
1. Am I speaking the truth?
2. It is necessary?
3. Is it kind?

So, our main objective is when you are at your low -> still perform the BARE MINIMUM
And when you are at your High -> make sure your high is higher than before

This tactic can pull you through this roller coaster life.

Just sharing with my friends... Greetings of a new hijri year to all Muslim friends

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