Monday, October 27, 2014

I am still blogging....

When I look back at my first blog posting in Jul 2008, I began to reflect back to those times.

It has been 6 years and 250 postings since I first blog. And I am still blogging. Masyaallah..

I realise from surah AlAsr that I have to do 4 essential things. They are:-
1. Believe (iman)
2. Do good deeds (amal soleh)
3. Remind of the righteous (tawasa bil haq)
4. Remind of patience (tawasa bil sabr)

Blog writing is the 2 last bit.

Not only that, I have to constantly check my intentions and it must be SINCERE. Also I must stay HUMBLE and remember that I am the slave of Allah.

What Allah has bestowed and given to me is the best for me and I have to always be GRATEFUL for all these blessings..

Ya Rabb, I make dua that you continue to guide me and all mankind towards your deen. You are the ONE that we all need.

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