Saturday, June 28, 2014

My prediction so far.... FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA 2014 after the group matches:-
Group A Mexico replaces Croatia (Bra,Mex)
Group B Chile replaces Spain (Ned,Chi)
Group C No surprises (Col,Gre)
Group D England & Italy out (CRC, Uru)
Group E No surprises (Fra,Sws)
Group F Nigeria replaces Bosnia (Arg, Nig)
Group G US replaces Portugal (Ger,USA)
Group H No surpises (Bel,Alg)

My prediction so far:-
3 out of 3 South American past winners are still in (Bra,Arg,Uru)
2 out of 5 European team are still in (Ger,Fra)
African team will do well. 2 out of 5 are still in (Nig, Alg)

4 teams have maximum points (Ned,Col,Arg,Bel)
4 teams have minimum points (Gre,Nig,USA,Alg)

Surprise team is Costa Rica. Most impressive team is to me Columbia
Let us continue....

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