Sunday, June 22, 2014

You must make the EFFORT FIRST, then make doa...

As I read the Quran & the tafseer as well, I am sharing with you my most impactful discovery.

In Surah Fatihah: 5 "Only to you we enslave and only to you we seek assistance"
This surah, we read all the time. But what I REALLY realize is that, we must worship & enslave ourselves to ALLAH FIRST, before we make doa and tawakkal to Him.

We must make the FIRST move and effort, before Allah's help come into the picture. That is the process. If we fullfil our duties correctly, then for SURE, Allah will fulfil His promise.

In Surah Baqarah:186 ".. I (Allah) will respond to the doa when he (slaves)calls on Me. So let them (slaves) obey Me and believe in Me.."

If you just make doa, without any effort AND you do not do what Allah asked you to do, FOR SURE, you doa will NOT be granted.

Remember..You MUST make the effort first, then only Allah's help will come.

Amazing! Now, that we know how the process goes, it is crystal clear what we should be doing..
Let us enslaves ourselves to Allah..

Do your best (to Allah) and He will do the rest for you.


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