Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Surah Al-Adiyat (100th Surah)

Another awesome surah that I wanted to share is Surah Adiyat (100th Surah).

The first 5 of out 11 ayat is about a story.

A story of a fast galloping horse which was breathing as it was moving very fast. It was so fast that sparks came out from it's feet. It was on the way to attack something in the morning. You know when you are attacking in the morning it is like you are in a mission impossible as people usually attack at night. And debris came from the horse giving a signal that is it fast approaching. And this super fast horse came straight in the middle of the enermy line.

Wow! What a sight. This is a story of a very fast horse approaching it's enermy, not even slowing down as it approached it's enermy and went straight in, kind of like a Japanese kamikaze warplane. This horse knew that it was going to die, but it did just what the Master asked him to do...

This is Allah's oath. The first 5 ayats are Allah's oath. But the main subject is in the 6th ayat.

"Most truly, man is not grateful to his Master". This is what Allah is emphasizing.

Man is not like the horse in this Surah's story. The horse was sacrificing everything for it's master. But the way this ayat was structured, was to get the attention of the pagan Arabs (kind of like an action movie) before the subject is being delivered.

After getting the attention and the rhymes, the real message was revealed.

Yes, mankind are ungrateful to their Master. This is the message of the Surah - Ungrateful to the Master. After what the Master has done to the slaves, the slaves are ungrateful to the Master.

If we just read the English translation, we will not get the true deep understanding of this ayat. We will not be able to appreciate the beautiful liguistic structure of the Quran.

You have to learn Arabic. And you must also learn the old Arabic history in order to REALLY2 appreciate this ayat.

May Allah grant us the deep understanding of Quran and may we really belong to the people of taqwa.

ps. There is another lesson learnt from this Surah. When we want to present something effectively, start with a "good" story to get the audience attention. Then deliver the message... POWERFUL technique. But remember to consider who is the audience and their level of understanding when relating the "good story".

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