Thursday, June 5, 2014

Money and material does not necessary lead to true happiness

This seeking of happiness through acquiring more money and material things is a total misconception.

There are 3 main reason for this misunderstanding

1. Acquiring material gain will make people more greedy. There is no limit to ones greed. If someone wants one million, once he achieve one million, he will seek to acquire the second million and so on... Very few people know when to stop and  say enough is enough

2. The person will get more and more worried as the wealth he has acquired will need be protected. He will not happy and at peace as he is constantly worrying about how to protect his money in order not to become lesser.

3. The process of accumulating huge wealth will most definitely affect other people. In big businesses, there will be a large tendency when we hurt and become unjust to other people when trying to achieve our goal of huge profits. We tend to have many enemies along the way.

So my dear friends, to achieve true happiness is to have a pure heart. To have a pure heart, we must have faith in Allah and remember Him at ALL times. When Allah is close to our hearts, then we must do good deeds to other human beings (amal soleh) and this 2 main actions will lead to total happiness and peace.

I am not saying that money and material is bad. But the OBSESSION of accumulating money and wealth can and will lead astray by syaitan.

Let money and material things be the means to get the pleasure of Allah as well as the pleasure of other people. Do not let money and material control you. You control them.. Ameen

PS: If you have faith in Allah, Allah will make it easy for you to get the wealth in a quantity that you need, NOT the quantity that you WANT..

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Zaidah M said...

Thank you! Needed this reminder.