Friday, May 30, 2014

Journey of recovery from knee operation

As my journey to fully recover from the right knee operation slowly takes shape, I look at the healing process as a peaceful journey with me and my Rabb (Allah).

I am doing pysiotheraphy three times a week. The knee can now bend a bit and I can walk again, but slowly with crutches.

I began to feel the bond with my Maker. I also realise that He is the Most Merciful and He is also the Most Powerful in the entire Universe. It is like you are a dear friend to someone VERY POWERFUL.

It is the feeling of asking for mercy from the MOST Merciful, but one must also realise that THE MAKER is also the ultimate MASTER. He calls the shots. He knows what is good for you, eventhough you might think that something bad has happened to you.

This feeling of hope plus fear is a resultant of a slave to a POWERFUL Master. The Master is pleased with you and you are pleased with HIM. That is the ultimate aim.

In order to please Him, follow the life of Rasulullah SAW and also follow the teachings in the Quran. That is the correct path.

One must realise that the life ends with us being dead. But death is the journey towards returning back to the Master to either be rewarded or be punished.

Ya Rabb, I make doa to You to give me guidance, in order for me to return back to You in a way that pleases You.


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