Saturday, May 3, 2014

Asking Allah to forgive our sins on a daily basis - as Allah is Most Merciful

I discovered another powerful ayat that I need to share with my friends.

Surah Azzumar:53-54
In this ayat, Allah Azzawajal said that "Never ever give up in the mercy of Allah, Allah forgives ALL your sins as He is the Most Merciful" "And return to your Lord, and surrender to Him before calamity (death) comes to you, then you cannot be helped"

There are many target groups that can get benefit from this ayat.
For those who want to commit sin, knowing that Allah is Most Merciful, you can try to commit one. But you are taking a huge risk, as you will not know what behold you when you commit sin. When you commit sin, before you can repent, then you will be thrown in the hell-fire.

For those who abstain from committing for the sake of Allah, consciencely knowing that Allah is Most Merciful, you are rewarded huge gains in the akhirat. 

For those who are doing sin and having a large amount of sin, make repentence, as Never ever give up hope from the Mercy of Allah, Allah will forgive ALL your sins.

There you are. Planning to do sin, abstaining from doing sin, committing sin and have committed a lot of sin, everyone will be forgiven, provided you are still alive.

So, brothers and sisters, always make repentence. Make it a daily routine. Does not matter you have committ small sins or huge sins, as Allah is waiting for us to forgive our sins.

He is more loving than a mother that is feeding her infant child. Let us not make repentence to Allah on a daily basis.

"Allah, please forgive me, forgive my parents, forgive my children & forgive All mankind in this World"   Ameen