Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recuperating after operation on ACL by reading books & remember Allah

The doctors did a reconstruction of my knee on the 7th May 2014. The operation is very common to footballers and sportsmen. In short, they call this kind of operation ACL ( Anternal Crutiate Ligament).

They knocked me out at 2.15pm and by 5pm, I woke up with my right knee heavily strapped with bandage.

They took a piece of tendon on my thigh. Then they drill holes in my 2 main bones (tibia and fibula). In between the holes in the bones, they run through the tendon and tie the 2 bones together to replace the torn crutiate ligament. At the end of the bones, they use 2 titanium screws to tighten them together.

The operation took 2 hours. But the complete recovery to full knee function will take 6 months (standard).

The 1st 4 to 5 weeks is to make sure I can walk properly without aid (1st phase). Weeks 6 to 15 weeks to ensure that the bones will be as strong as before (2nd phase). Week 16 to 25 is to ensure that the whole knee can be fully functional as before (3rd phase).

I will be on medical leave for the whole of 5 weeks. I have to do pysiotheraphy 3 times a week.

That gave me a lot of time, which I spend reading. I read books and Quran in my spare time. I am fully enjoying my spare time with books.

Allah has given me the oppoturnity of time to really fulfill them with something useful. I am grateful to Allah. It is me, my knee and Allah as my very close friend.

I will share with you some important points that is worth mentioning. Let us all pray to Allah for all the blessings that He he has bestowed to all of us..

We might not realize that something happen for a reason and Allah is the ALL knowing. Whatever happened to us is for a reason. We just have to look further, and find that a bad thing is actually good for you, if you give trust to Allah.


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