Saturday, December 7, 2013

My feeling when Man Utd loss at home to toffees and magpies

I cannot describe how disappointed I am when I got the results of 2 of Man Utd's recent matches.

Both are home games against Everton and Newcastle respectively. Everton was Moyes' former club and Newcastle is a club bearing my nickname (magpie). Both games I did not watch life but follow them on ESPN live score on my smartphone.

I was at Heathrow airport London for the Everton match and was at Putrajaya for the Newcastle match.

I presume Mr Moyes is in deep trouble at the moment. He needs a stroke of good luck and a Man Utd win desperately.

But wait, I should be grateful and thankful to Allah. This is exactly the feeling of Arsenal and Liverpool supporters all this while. This is also the feeling of Chelsea and Man City supporters as well. No wonder they hate MU so much.

I have not felt this feeling for a long time. I have forgotten how to be sad as the MU is always winning. I have forgotten the word patience and peserverance.

I should say, thank you for this feeling as now I realise the value of winning. Bring us the next game.
I sincerely think MU will not win the BPL this season. They are lucky if they can be in the top 4. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City will occupy the top 4 spots. MU will have to fight with Newcatle, Everton, Spurs and Southampton for 5th spot.

Whatever the results of MU in the future, I will still support them. No matter how disappointed I am, I am truly a MU fan and I will watch every MU game when I have the opportunity to do so.

Thank you MU for the entertainment & disappointments.

Then again, to my Norwegian followers, I also sincerely hope, one day Ole Gunnar Solksjaer will be MU manager...  

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