Saturday, November 30, 2013

Norway... an influx of my blog followers

Lately I have been getting huge amount of audience from Norway.

If the trend continues, in 1 year from now, Norway will overtake my home country Malaysia as my biggest audience.

Tracking on a daily, weekly and monthly (current) status, Norway is top of my stats.

Again, I do not know anyone from Norway. I thank you for reading my blog.

It is not my intention to have huge followers. It just amazes me that I have huge followers in a country that I have no friends. This is what technology has proven.

Rasulullah gave dakwah in Makkah, but hidayah came easily in Madinah.

I make a pledge that if Norway become my HIGHEST all time blog reader statistics, I will visit Norway and hopefully meet one of you. I will visit Oslo..

Thank you Norway..


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Zaidah M said...

And, I want to follow you :)