Sunday, November 10, 2013

Man United vs Arsenal - a game I look forward to..

I always look forward to game between Manchester United against Arsenal.

I have this feeling about Mr Wenger that I consider him being arrogant & snobbish. Yes, I cannot change him, only Allah can do that.

But this is the opportunity to respond in a positive way to put a dent on his huge ego.
2 games stands up

1. Man Utd 8 Arsenal 2 (2011/12 season)

2. But the FA Cup semi-final 1999, where Giggs scored from half-way line will always be remembered as the best MU vs Arse game that I will remember for a long-long time..

What ever the result tonight, I am very confident that MU will give their very best.

My prediction, MU will win with a single goal, but my head says that it could end up in a score draw.

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