Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another opportunity to ponder.. Greatness of Allah

In Malaysia, the beginning of February 2013, there are a number of Public Holidays.

Beginning with 1st Feb, there is Federal Territory Day which falls on a Friday (long weekend), then Chinese New Year for 11 & 12 Feb 2013, which falls on Mon & Tue (again a long weekend)

Again, the opportunity for me to be with my beloved family & reflecting on life as a whole.

How I cherish these holiday moments with my family. Just being with them gives me great pleasure.

I took the opportunity to drive back to my wife's hometown in Kota Bharu. That is 480KM away from Kuala Lumpur. It has been a good 3 years that I did not go back to my mother (in-laws) place. The last time I went back was when my late mother (in law) past away in Nov 2010. I managed to pray at my favourite surau (Kg Teluk Chat, Wakaf Che Yeh).

I have a request that I made to Allah. This time, if Allah grant my wish, I will do 1 day fasting for thanking Allah. I have faith that Allah will grant my wish. The only question is..when?

My three daughters nowadays, where ever they go, they will bring a book. They are all reading books "The series of Unfortunate events" by Lemony Snicket. There are 13 books alltogether. That spurred me to also read a book.

I am currently reading a book "In the hands of the Taliban" by Yvonne Ridley. This is a story about a lady from Britain who was caught by the Talibans just after 9/11. She was a war journalist. But Allah gave her hidayah & she fell in love with Islam. She is currently an anti-war activist & a practicing Muslim.

How wonderful Islam is if we truly know how to submit ourselves to the only GOD - Allah.

I also discovered that there is a huge difference between "I have to do it" and "I want to do it". That is the level of sincerity in doing things. I want to do it gives the inner strength to push you to the limit. And if we can channel/focus our energy for the sake of Allah... masyaallah.. what an achievement.. Wow!! EVERYTHING we do is considered IBADAH

If I say.. I have to perform prayers (solat) & compare it with I want to perform solat (for the sake of Allah).. The energy level is different.
If I say.. I have to exercise 3 times a-week & compare it with I want to exercise 3 times a-week (for the sake of Allah), the result is different.

Enough for now, let us finish with doa.. May Allah grant us goodness in this world & the hereafter.. Ameen

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