Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kesibukan & ujian Allah padaku

The last 2 weeks (16-29 May 2011) has really been a very hectic schedule for me.

I am really busy with meetings on a back-to-back timing.

2 of my staff (one meternity), another on long medical leave making the unit a bit stretched. I thank the rest of the team for holding the fort.
I did tell them that we all need to be mentally and spiritually strong especially facing the "sergeant". We must also be ready to answer his questions.
But, if he is really in a bad mood, then just keep quiet, no point arguing with a person on fire..

But with laptop (technology) and sheer determination, I found myself to be facing this problems with little trouble..

On 21 May, my mother was diagnose with cancer and was confirmed terminally ill. That really shocked me!

But after looking at the bigger picture, inilah kepercayaan kita kepada Qada' & Qadar Allah. Teruskan berusaha & selebihnya kita berserah kepada Allah yg Maha Besar.

I have come to terms with my mother's condition. Me, my brother & sisters as well as wife & daughters will make the most of whatever time left with her.
We will cherish these moments and we want to make her as comfortable & happy as possible.

Kepada Allah kita pasti kembali & doa kita agar dikembalikan dalam keadaan yg baik. Amin...

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