Monday, May 2, 2011

MU lost to Arsenal


Here again I am writing about "hating Arsenal" rather than "supporting MU"

On 1 May 2011, Arsenal beat MU 1-0 and I felt very sad. Actually I need not be sad as MU is still top of the heap (3 points clear) with 3 games to go. They are also leading Shalke (2-0) in the Champions League with the return league at Old Trafford on 4 May 2011.

People talk about history, that MU has a bad record against German teams in Champions League. People also talk about MU having good record against Arsenal at the Emirates. All these talk about past records is just history. We know that it is the match day that is important and past record does not count.

Back to the defeat by Arsenal.. I felt that this game is so important to show Mr Arse Wenger that MU is superior than Arsenal. That game really showed that I am a "Arsenal hater" more than "MU supporter". I just love to see Mr Wenger angry!

I am writing to remind myself that, I must erase this feeling.

Anyway, MU will need to bounce back from the defeat. The defeat will make MU more determined. The next 2 games at home (Shalke & Chelsea) will determine the outcome of this season. I am very confident that MU can win both the games in style.


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