Sunday, May 29, 2011

MU won 19th League title

I am writing about MU season for 2010/11.

This season MU won the English Premier League for a record 19th time, surpassing Liverpool for the 1st time ever. That, to me is a very proud achievement indeed.

Arsenal came third with 13 titles.Everton 9, Aston Villa 7 and Sunderland 6. Liverpool last won it in 1990, Arsenal in 2004, Everton 1987, Aston Villa 1981 and Sunderland 1936.

Other previous winners are 4 titles for Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United.

3 titles won by Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Wolverhamton Wanderers and Huddesfield Town.

2 titles won by Derby County, Man City, Spurs, Burnley, Portsmouth and Preston NE.

1 each for Forest, Ipswich Town, WBA and Sheffield United.

There are only 23 teams that have won it and the latest team to have won is Nottingham Forest in 1978 under the late Brian Clough.

So tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson for his phenomenal achievement in winning the Premiership, an achievement that will most likely stand the test of time.

Man City won the FA Cup, making a double achievement for the City of Manchester. Man City also qualified for the Champions League slot. They are a succesful team this season.

The League Cup was won by Birmingham City, but they were also relegated. I do not consider Brum as successful this season.

MU also qualified for the Champions League Final, losing to Barca 3-1. Well, Barca is a great team and having reached the Finals is very good for MU this season.

Nani impressed me the most this season. Hernandez is a suprise. But the really hero for Man U is... Nemanja Vidic (the captain). He is really the strenght to MU this season.

So, looking forward to next August and I am really2 happy for MU this season.

Thanks for the entertainment.

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