Monday, February 7, 2011

Reminder to All


This posting, I got it from a friend. I would like to share with everyone on the matter.

We are so caught up in this world that we do not even ponder on this enormous blessing, leave alone thank Allah and show our gratitude. We all are running in a looser race trying to catch up with the glamour, the dazzle, false desires of this world, its artificial brightness blinding our sole purpose & goal in life. We have to remind ourselves that we are here not to enjoy this temporary short term worldly life that enthralls us, but to successfully plan and carefully work every moment towards the long term permanent abode, Akhirat.

We are all travelers' in this journey called life. We should lay out our travel plans cautiously, so we can accumulate and add to our album/book of good deeds. We should seek to deliberately max out and work day in and day out, every minute towards our final destination, paradise.

So, come my friends, let us always be aware of our final destination. To enter paradise & do good in this world for the sake of Allah.



Zaidah M said...

I LIKE THIS POST!!!! Thank you for the reminder.

ibnujusup said...

Thank u uncle...:-) banyak yang saya belajar dari blog ini