Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do the best in what you can control

Assalamualaikum semua,

My posting this time is about 2 category of capability.

1- Capability that is within your control (influence)
2- Capability that is NOT within your control

Capability that is within your control is what you have to give your best. The most significant nikmat from Allah given to humans is the freedom of choice. We were given the akal to choose in this life. Allah has given us Quran & Rasul so that we make the right choice. So give your best.

Capability that is NOT within your choice, then you leave it to Allah. We must realise that we are not in 100% control of everything. Allah is! So, after giving your best, then make doa & tawaqqal to Allah.

I give you an example, your work KPI (Key performance Indicator).Your target is to finish your recommendation by 4pm today.You must give your best - That is within your control. Then, your computer broke down when you were busy finishing your report at 3.45pm, resulting in you cannot finish it on time - that is NOT within your control.

Same thing with life. If we can seperate between what is within our control & what is not, then the work becomes simple - kita akan reda walau apa berlaku. Where we die, is not within our control.How we die, we can choose ..... to die in iman or to die in kufur.

So friends, do you best within the bounds of Islam and make doa/tawaqqal.

Insyaallah, success will always be with us. But most important is we achieve inner peace & reda to Allah always.

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