Monday, February 7, 2011

Arsenal hater rather than MU supporter


Just writing about my habit of hating Arsenal FC. Just last weekend, my joy of seeing them draw after leading 4-0 against Newcastle was more than my sadness of seeing MU lost 1-2 at Wolves. This is what I classified as "hasad dengki". We usually emphasis more on what is NOT within our control as compared to what is within our control.

Hating Arsenal goes back in the days when Arsene Wenger became Arsenal manager. He is a brilliant manager, but always protective of his players. He will spot a bad tackle done by the opposition player at the other end of the pitch. But when his own player made a nasty challenge near where he was, he would comment "The situation is so fast.It is difficult to see from my angle and I believe that it was mistimed tackle rather than a bad tackle". I love to see him furious...

I am writing to remind myself that, I must focus on what are the things that is well within our control. Concentrate on getting the desired result, and not to emphasis more on other people's outcome.

Anyway, MU will face City in their next game at Old Trafford & I am looking forward to the game. The defeat will make MU more determined to bounce back immediately and hopefully maintain the top position. I will not care about the result of Arsenal ( I hope)...

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