Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wedding Reception - Groom side

The wedding reception for the groom side was held on 9th Jan 2016 in INTEC hall in Shah Alam.

Now, it is my side to gather my entourage for the groom side.

I found it difficult to achieve 50 people that has been allocated.

But Allah is the best planner, at the last moment, I managed to get to the required number.

My family (5), Faisal & Rudy (2), Jah (3), Kamil's friends (3), Maknab + Siti (5), Che Yah (3), Che Fauziah (3), Makjah (1), Dato Faruk (5) + Busu Bedah (5), Salina (5), Aman (3), Be Wa (3), Za (2).

We arrived at 1pm with the kompang boys.

I was seated at the main table.

Me & wife
Maknab & PC Razak
Dato Faruk & Aida
Datuk Rahman & Maktok
Faisal & Rudy + Makjah naik ke pelamin untuk menenjis.

The food was good and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Thank you all for the time. May Allah help us all. Aamiin

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