Thursday, December 24, 2015

My work for the whole 2015

My work in 2015 has been excellent.

Allah has made it easy for me in many ways. No doubt that there are downs, but I am able to control them within my means.

The only thing short from my original target is the exercise that I set in the beginning of 2014.

I believe twice a week has not been consistent due to weather and work commitment. But I will step up my will power to exercise as much as I can.

Make doa for me insyaallah.


Rudy @ Lai Mahli said...

I see that you have a bicycle that's hardly been used lately. Why not make / buy a stationary bike stand and use the bike to exercise? It's better (on your knees) than jogging / walking.

Hisham Mustaffa said...

Yes Rudy. I have a stationary bike. And I have been cycling twice a week on it since mid Jan 2016.
It has been a good start in 2016 as far as exercise is concerned. Thanks