Thursday, December 24, 2015

Islam is similar to Star Wars (lessons learnt)

The whole of December 2015 is filled with Star Wars hype and promotions.

I have not seen the 7th episode of the Star Wars (The Force Awakens), but I will see the film someday insyaalah.

I still remember the 4th episode of the Star Wars saga (the 1st to be released back in 1977- A New Hope). I was still 12 years old back then.

Then came Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983).

The prequel was released in 1999 (The Phantom Menace) then Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005).

Anyway, what I am writing is the lessons learnt from these films. It has a strong relationship with Islam.

1. In every episode of Star Wars the main plot is the struggle between the Force and the Dark Side. Our life is mainly ours struggle between our good and our bad side (nafs). Jedis are individuals who will rise and restore balance to the world. Similarly, we Muslims are like Jedis. With strong belief, wisdom and practice, they remind mankind to do good deeds and practice restraints with patience. This is covered in Surah Al-Asr in the Quran

2. Yoda did quote "Fear is the path to the Dark Side'. Fear leads to hatred, hate leads to anger and anger leads to sufferings. If we observe closely what happened to the world now, Muslims are instilled with fear on the part of the government, authorities and societies.

In Islam, the way to conquer fear is through knowledge. In Star Wars, Anakin went to the Dark Side because he was afraid that his mother and Padme would die, and when both of them die, his anger overtook him and went to the Dark Side.

3. The 6 episodes of the Star Wars was about the journey of Anakin Skywalker from the path of Jedi, then to the Dark Side and eventually
his redemption. A lot of our life mirror this, as we are human and are prone to committing sins.

It was interesting to observe Darth Vader had wiped out almost all Jedis, and is responsible for the death of millions of life in many planets, when confronted by Luke who believed there is still some good left in his father, he flips the script by throwing Emperor Palpatine into the pit instead of his own son before he eventually die.

Here there are 2 lessons, family bonds are still strong if we believe in Allah, no matter the circumstances.

No.2 , No matter how great our sins are, Allah's mercy is much2 greater than our sins and the door to repentance is always open as long as
we are still alive.

It is not just about the movie. It is the lessons learnt from the movies that we see. As a Muslim (Jedi), we must not be arrogant and look down (attack) on others.

Knowledge is acquired to help us and not to put others down. And when we have knowledge, do not be arrogant but stay humble.

May Allah Be with Us...        

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