Friday, September 25, 2015

Eid Adha 1436 (2015)

I celebrated 1436H Aidil Adha in a very good atmosphere (at least in my view)

I fasted the day before.

Woke up very early on 10th Zulhijjah. Prayed Subh and do takbir, tahlil, tahmid & tasbih.

Prayed Eid prayers at 8.30am. Had rendang at my aunt's place.

Went to "witness" slaughter of cow (korban) starting at 10am and finished araound noon.
Distributed the meat.

The true spirit of sacrifice (korban), is your actions that you do for Allah and mankind above your own interests. Masyaallah..

Each time you do good, remember Allah...Rabbul Aalamiin. He knows and will reward you.

Relatives come and silaturrahim.

Zuhur prayers at local surau. Then again continue takbir.

Went to visit my close friend's house in Shah Alam.

Maghrib/Isya at masjid and continue takbir... such a peaceful atmosphere both internal and external.
Both physical and spiritual.

Ya Rabb... Grant me peace in this world and the next.
Allah huakbarX3 walillah hilhamd  

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That's pretty good you had an ability to celebrate this day in such a good way. May next time be as god as this year.