Saturday, May 2, 2015

Preparation before Ramadan comes

It is just less than 50 days before all of us will meet Ramadan again.

You will be surprised how fast the time pass by in these periods and you will observe people pass away during these period ( it might be me!)

We do not know whether we will successful in meeting the coming Ramadan, but we make doa to Allah that He granted our wish.

We should be slowing doing the necesssary preparation for Ramadan. The months of Rejab and Syaaban are trial periods before we reach the real Ramadan!

There are 4 things that we can start doing:-

1. Read and tadabbur Quran
2. Start fasting sunnah
3. Start making solat at night (tahajjud)
4. Start guarding our tongues

Ya Rabb, please give me the strenght to do ALL the above.....


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