Saturday, May 2, 2015

MU lost at home to West Brom.. how unlucky!

Manchester United lost 3 games in a row without scoring a single goal.

They lost 1-0 to Chelsea (a) and 3-0 to Everton (a). But losing 1-0 at home to West Brom was really very disappointing indeed.

When I compare these results with last season's results (under David Moyes), all these games were lost as well (this is not a consolation).

I watched these games with my MU mates (my cousin's sons) and we were very disappointed.

Wait a minute... Yes, I am disappointed but these are all Allah's plans and desire. No need to be disappointed. We are slaves to Allah.

The next 3 games will be crutial. Crystal Palace (a), Arsenal (h) and Hull (a). The worst thing is MU do not collect any points from the remaining games and the best thing is that MU collects 9 points.

Bring on the game. I will support MU and enjoy the games...

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