Monday, May 4, 2015

Paradigm shift or Mind shift

I realised one very phenominal thing recently that I want to share with all.

Until and unless we change the way we see things.

Some people call it a "paradigm shift" and some call it "mind shift".

It is changing the way we see things and this has something to do with our heart and our MAKER.

This world and the environment CANNOT change you unless you give permission to do so.

If we set a goal, we should be focusing our mind and soul to achieve the goal. If we fail, we try again and again until we succeed. This is the winning mentality.. never give up.. the human mind is so very powerful if only we know how to use them correctly.

I do not intend to write a motivational book on the matter. Sufficient to mention that if we focus on something, put your mind to it, and do something to achieve it.

One of the way to unlock this unlimited potential is to learn to be GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE.

Change the way you look at life and APPRECIATE the things that you have!

Try it... and search for greatness!   

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