Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson retires

I am writing in honour of the retiring Sir Alex Ferguson.

A truly remarkable manager & the most successful manager in English Football history. I do not think that anyone can beat his successful record (at least not in my lifetime)

He has won 13 English Premier League (93,94,96,97,99,00,01,03,07,08,09,11,13)
He has won 5 FA cups (90,94,96,99,04)
He has won 4 League Cups (92,06,09,10)
He has won 10 Charity Shields (90,93,94,96,97,03,07,08,10,11)
He has won 2 Champions League Cup (99,08)
He has won 1 Cup Winners Cup (91)
He has won 1 Super Cup (91)
He has won 1 Inter Continental Cup (99)
He has won 1 FIFA World Club (08)
38 trophies all together.

The most memorable English Premier League to me was 2003. They showed great character as they won the League at the expense of Arsene Wenger's Arsenal team who won in 2002 & 2004.To this date, I still think that was a sweet moment to win the EPL knowing that Arsenal were a very good team at the time.

The most memorable goal must be Ryan Gigg's goal against Arsenal in 1999 FA Cup semi-final.

The most I admire about Sir Alex is his dicipline. Nobody is bigger that the club. Also he immediately bounce back after a defeat. It is okay to lose, but get on with the next game & forget about the previous defeat is his mentality.

Below are some of disappointments that are stuck in my mind:-

1995, Blackburn pipped MU after MU just can afford a draw in their last game against West Ham (1 point)

1995 FA Cup Final. MU lost to Everton 0-1 scored by Paul Rideout

1998, Arsenal pipped MU to the title (1 point). On Mar 1998, Arsenal defeated MU at Old Trafford with the goal scored by Marc Overmars

2005 FA Cup Final. MU lost on penalty shoot-out, with MU controlling most of the game

2007 FA Cup Final. MU lost 0-1 to Drogba's goal AET

2010 & 2012 EPL, where MU lost by 1 point & goal difference respectively

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