Wednesday, May 1, 2013

PAS 55 certification speech to the masses...

Below is a speech I wrote for XXX company.. 

I have introduced you to:
Vibrant Workforce & Productivity Revolution through four key thrusts: -
Building trust / relationship,
Building capacity,
Building performance,
Building Growth

I also have also talked about
"What is stopping you from Giving your best to XXX" & "You can make a difference"

With those close to heart, now I am driving the message:
"Our business is managing Asset - Be excellent in Asset Management & the company will Excel"
Our core business is to supply electricity to our customers safely, reliably & economically.

To follow the good practices in asset management, our assets will be in good working condition to enable us to supply electricity to our customers.

If we analyse closely, all assets, be it overhead lines, power lines, electric cables, transformers, fuse boxes, meters, substations & power stations,  they are all physical assets that enables us to run our business.

If, one element of this asset is damaged, then the supply to our customers will be affected. If it is well managed, the electricity supply will be uninterrupted.

We must also realize that these assets have a life span which follows the normal life cycle stages. From planning stage, to installation, to operation, to maintenance, to overhaul and refurbish and subsequently disposal. Each stage should be managed optimally so that they always remain in good condition.

Asset management also must balance between three key elements: performance, risk and cost. If we can manage it well, we not only ensure a continuous supply, but we can reduce the cost to the company without affecting the performance of our business.

With the latest technology, we can ascertain the condition of the assets before they become inoperable. In other word, we can take action before they are damaged.

In good asset management, there is an "international standard" that we thrive to get certification.
PAS-55 is an international certification standard guide-lines that lists down best practices in asset management.

I fully support this new initiative. Join me in ensuring that our company realize this journey of getting PAS 55 certification and prove that XXX has reached international standards in practicing good asset management to enable us in supplying safe, secure and reliable electricity at a reasonable cost.
"Our business is managing Asset - Be excellent in Asset Management. You can make the difference”


ppb3k said...

Bravo Bro! Like your articles here ... Keep it up!

ppb3k said...

Bravo Bro! Like your articles here ... Keep it up!

Hisham Mustaffa said...

Thank you. Will keep on writing