Friday, July 8, 2011

My mother passed away..

I am writing of the last moments of my mother's life.

Me and family knew that my mother is dying. We are all aware of her deteriorating health.

I,as the eldest son, must show my strenght so that the family members are being guided to give the best for mother.

In term of spiritual, my mother can recite "La ila ha illallah, Muhammad rasulullah" in early Jun. By 3rd week of Jun, she could only say "La ila ha illallah". By end Jun it became "Allah" and then by 4th Jul, she died.

Early Jun, she could stand by her own. By 3rd week of Jun, she just lie down. But end Jun, she could barely speak and slipped in semi-coma.

We could feel that she is nearing her time, and we could not do anything.. We just leave it to Allah.

On Sunday 3 Jul, I went to Puchong, to fetch 14 Tahfiz students to my house. Each of them recited 2 Juzu' each, with me having to cover 2 Juzu' to complete 30 Quran Juzu'. They gave me Juzu' 14 & 15. Praise be to Allah... Alhamdulillah, we covered the whole Quran.

In the evening, she became so weak, she could barely opened her eyes. I just whisper "Allah" to her...

After Isya', mother's breathing became irregular. I can sense that she is struggling to breath. Zaidah (youngest sister) recited the whole Al-Baqarah to her. She just lied down sleeping. I took a rest, watching Wimbledon Final between Djokovic and Nadal.

Everyday me, Zaidah & Faisal (my brother) took turns to be by her bedside. Zaidah took the 1st shift from Isya' until 1am. Faisal took from 1.00am until 4.30am. This is because he usually sleeps at around 4am everyday, so taking the mid-night shift is like second nature to him.

I took the last lap, from 4.30 am until 8.00am when the nurse and Zaidah will start to clean her up.

That nite, Zaidah was so tired that she slept at 11pm. I was beside my mother from 11pm until 2.30am. Faisal came back home to take over from 2.30am until 6am.

In my last "shift", I recited Surah Hud to her. This Surah mentioned a lot about Prophets. So, I took time to compile many stories regarding Prophets from Adam until Isa. Allah mentioned that All Prophets were being challenged by Allah. They have to bring people to worship Allah. But the end result, it is Allah who determines the outcome. Surely, it applies to us too. We make effort to the best of our ability. But the outcome, we leave it to ALLAH. Allah knows best.

At 5am, Faisal woke me up, saying mak was not breathing anymore. I shooked her for response- No response. I checked her breathing- no breathing. I checked her pulse- no pulse. Her body was still hot, so she must have passed away very recently.

I began to wake everyone in the house. I also asked to wake up my aunt's family, who happens to live next door. They all started crying!

A few minutes later Aunty came, panicked & said that we have to call a certified doctor to "certify" that mother is dead. I knew that if the above 3 things happened, the person is already dead from my First Aid Course. We cannot even give her CPR.

But, I just politely asked my brother Faisal to go to the nearest 24hour clinic, to get the doctor to "certify". Doctor came and examined my mother at 5.30am. She wrote on her paper, that my mother has passed away at 5.30 am.

I waited for Subuh. I managed to do 2 rakaat Tahajjud & 1 rakaat witir. I cried..

Innalillah hiwainna ila hirajiun.


Anonymous said...

Again, takziah to you and your family.

What I saw from you on Monday was great courage and strength.

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