Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Always2 remember ALLAH- never forget that!

Me & family take turns caring for mother.

She is not in any pain, but it is our duty to ensure that she is as comfortable as ever. All of us are being briefed on what to expect from mother's worsening situation by the palliative care unit. We are all in a journey of our lives.

The most important thing for us is not to panic. Just show your calmness and composure and always make her feel good.

If we show our sadness to her, she will feel the sadness and this can affect her courage.

On the spiritual side, never ever let her forget the word "ALLAH". Allah the Almighty, the God that we pray and remember, must always be on her mind. We strive to ensure that she always remember ALLAH.

I embarked on a project called Khatam Quran. Since she is now at home, I ensure that when it is my turn to be with her, I must recite the Quran. On the day 16th Jun until now, I have covered half the Quran. I must ensure that I khatam (finish) the Quran before the start of Ramadan.

Mind you, reading Quran does not mean reading it in Arabic. I also read the translation to my mother. By this way, it will not benefit my mother alone, but it also benefits me.

May Allah give me strenght to go through this. Praise only to Allah the only God!!


Lollies said...

May Allah give you the strength and patience to go through this. May He rewards you with great ajr

De'Magpie said...

Dear Lollies,
I too never miss to read your blog.

May you be blessed by Allah. Keep on blogging & learning Arabic