Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mother passed away Part2

Azan subuh was at 5.45 am. I went to my local surau Pajar for Subuh prayers.
After prayers, I told Kamal that please announce to Surau people that my mother just passed away. Surau jamaah came to the house at 6.15 am.

Meanwhile, I had to do some preparation for my mother's burial. Firstly, I asked my brother & sister to call & inform everyone concerned of the passing of mother.
Datuk Abdul Rahman (Equinas CEO @ my cousin) volunteered to be my "driver". Not easy being driven by a CEO.

Second, I went to the Police station to "certify" that my mother has passed away.

Then off to Masjid Bulat. I knew the people there and they said "khariat kematian" for ahli Qariah is ready. Van jenazah, bilik urusan jenazah + all the necessary items & tukang mandi & membaca talkin is ready. I told him, I will take everything except tukang mandi. My own aunt will "mandi" my mother. That was mother's wish.

Lastly, off to Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetary (BKMC) for burial arrangements. Firstly, they did NOT allow my mother to be buried at Kiara as my mother's address is in Selangor. But, imam at one of the KL mosque did contact BKMC and they agreed to give permit to my mother. RM 300.00 was the fee (+ money to penggali2 kubur)

I came back to house at 8am. People were arriving from all over the place. My office-mates started coming. I was touched. I cannot mention everyone that came. They were plenty. I told the audience that the plan is:-

1. From morning until 11.15 am the jenazah is at home
2. After 11.15 am, the jenazah is being "mandi & kafan" at the masjid Bulat
3. After Zuhor prayers will be Solat Jenazah
4. After Solat Jenazah, the burial will be at Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetary until 3.30pm

Datuk Rahman asked me to lead majlis tahlil at 9am, which I obliged. Peple never stopped coming (& going)

Exactly 11.15am, we carried the jenazah to Masjid. I told my 2 sisters, my eldest daughter and my wife to be with my aunt in the bilik jenazah. All of them must take part in the "mandi & kafan"

By 12.30pm, the jenazah is ready. We last saw my mother, before she was covered completley at 12.30 pm. Everybody kissed her for the last time.

1.20pm Zuhor and immediately after Zuhor, solat Jenazah. I lead the Solat Jenazah.... Alhamdulillah there were many people doing the solat jenazah. Many office-mates were there.

1.50pm me & brother went in the Jenazah van to BKMC. Me & brother received mother at the liang lahad before we started to bury her. Talkin was done by Ustaz Salleh. I cannot control my crying..

By 3.15pm, we poured water & flower at the kubur...

I have done my best. Mandi, kafan, solat & kebumi my mother. Now starts the constant doa for my mother.

Before going back home, I dropped by at a dear friend of mine's grave (arwah Zul). It is very near mother's grave.

Bonda, kembalilah kepada Allah dengan hati yg tenang... Sehingga kita berjumpa di sana kelak.

To ALL my friends, thank you so much for everything. Please forgive my mother..


The prodigal son-in law said...

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

'Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return'

- I shall miss fussing over you, and definitely miss being fussed by you. But I'll stick with the words I last spoke with you, "Jumpa lagi, mak."

De'Magpie said...

Thank you sir...