Saturday, November 1, 2014

A few of Allah's slaves.....

I have a distant friend who NEVER complain. I NEVER hear him complain about anything.

He just accept things as it comes. Some people call him a "blur" guy.

Recently I asked him "Why are you not complaining?"
He answered "Why should I? Whatever happens in this world has a reason by Allah. He knows best"

Masyaallah...I began to respect him so very HIGHLY. By not complaining, this friend of mine shows really HIGH GRATITUDE towards Allah.

I remember 1 ayat in Quran, Surah AsSaba':13 "..a few of my slaves are GRATEFUL"

On the contrary, I seach for "most people" in the Holy Quran and found
1. do not know
2. do not give thanks
3. do not believe

And if you search for "most of them", I found
1. defiantly disobidient
2. ignorant
3. turn away
4. do not listen

I made a quick survey of the the surroundings now. Almost everyone complained in one way or the other. With social media, the amount of complains increased exponentially.

Ya Rabb,make us among a few of your slaves. Make us remember you, being grateful to you and serving you in order to seek your pleasure...


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Zaidah M said...

WOW! One question, how do you make the search, Abang Sham?