Sunday, July 6, 2014

Be Confident and stay humble

I want to differentiate between being arrogance and confidence.

Arrogance, is where you
1. are impressed with yourself
2. think you are better than others

Confidence, does not have the two above traits, but have all the attributes of arrogance.

It is a very thin line between the two, and Quran teaches us about these 2 traits.

In surah Yusof:55; He (Yusof) said "Appoint me over the treasures of the land, surely I am watchful, knowing"

In surah Yusof:56; And thus did We give power to Yusof in the land. He established himself wherever he liked. We caused Our mercy to reach whom We will. And We waste not the reward of the doers of good. 

If you are good in a certain field, it is okay to promote yourself and volunteer to hold a certain key post. But, remember NOT to have to be IMPRESSED with yourself and DO NOT think that you are better than others and belittle them.

May this be a lesson to all, and may Allah grant us confidence and stay humble.

After all, we are all slaves of Allah

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