Sunday, June 16, 2013

Holiday @ Janda Baik 24-26 May 2013... and opportunity to be with Allah & my Loved ones

I spent 3 days (24-26 May 2013), in Janda Baik, for some soul searching. Me & the whole family started our journey to Janda Baik at 9am Fri 24th May 2013. The road to JB was jammed, as it was a public holiday (Wesak) + it was the 1st day of school holidays. We reached at JB at 10.30am. Had good breakfast...

Then, I started my quest to listen to Nouman's Tafseer series on Surah AsSyamsi (The Sun). Beautiful Surah & coincidently the Sun was shining brightfully. Took a bicycle ride to JB town & dropped by at the local cemetery. 12.30pm started to go to the local mosque for Friday prayers.

Evening, continue Nouman's Tafseer series on Surah Al-Lail (The Night) & the rain started... Wonderful scenery as I managed to compare sunny weather in the afternoon against rainny weather in the evening. Played the usual football match with cousins/nephews.

Night, continue Nouman's Tafseer series on Surah Al-Lail (The Night). Had this really wonderful steam boat dinner with the family. Masyaallah, what a REALLY wonderful feeling having to spend the night right in the middle of the jungle.. and that particular night, it was a full moon

25 May 2013
Woke up at 5.30am. Waited for Fajr prayers. Had Fajr prayers before recite some Quran verses. 7.00am, did my morning walk along Janda Baik orchard.. Another wonderful feeling of peace & tranquility. Took breakfast at 8am with family (roti canai). Then did jogging with eldest daughter. I think the distance covered was close to 6KM.

Had a good shower, then back on Nouman lecture series, this time Surah Adduha (Morning). What a coincidence that the Surah is "morning" & here I am, enjoying the soothing morning sun. The morning felt so very wonderful.

I felt asleep at around 11am . Was awaken by my youngest daughter at noon asking me to join her swimming in the pool, which I obliged. Then a fabulous lunch. Then back to listening to Tafseer, this time Surah Insyira' (Alam Nasyra') until evening. Both Surah Duha & Insyira' are Surahs that are specific to Rasulullah SAW from Allah Azzawajal.

5.30pm, played football with the cousins/nephews, and then a dipped into the nearby river. Remembered a many times in the Quran " jannati tajrimin tahtihal anhar" - "gardens where beneath them flows many rivers". This is what many people in this world dream of. Gardens with many waters flowing through them. I am now at JB with this kind of setting. WoW!! Just awesome. Made me think that many 5-Star Hotels have beautiful gardens & fountains which in them water flows.. exactly what Allah mentioned in the Quran.

7.30pm A nice dinner & for me, watch TV before going straight to sleep..

26 May 2013
Do brisk walking & cycling around Janda Baik area right after Subh prayers. Again, pondering & appreciating the GREATNESS of Allah in His Magnificent creations in mother nature. Had breakfast & just basking myself at the poolside in the middle of the jungle.

I did call 3 of my close friends to share how beautiful I felt, having this feeling of peacefulness, with my whole family around me, with great food & drinks and without any problems..

At noon had lunch, before started packing. I have to travel back to KL latest by 3.15pm, coz my second daughter have driving classes at 4pm in KL.

Before checking out, I had one last round of walking around the compound of Aman Rimba.  The gardens (orchard) & the river flowing... what an amazing setting.. Subhanallah.

Travelling back to KL, I just could not stop praising Allah & thanking Him for all His blessings to me..

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