Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 traits to be Slave of Allah

This blog is to write a discovery that really change my perspective in life.

The most significant thing that I discovered during my quest for the Deen of Allah is being the SLAVE to ALLAH.

Slave is not a good word. It gives a negative connotation. When you are a slave (to another human), you are practically dead. You are not free at all. You submit to what your master desires. History will tell how slavery was being fought and banned.

But slave to Allah, that is really a POSITIVE thing. Allah is unlike another human being. Being the SLAVE to ALLAH is the MOST NOBLE thing to be in this entire world.

Yes, you have to submit to your master & you are not free to do as you please. But, this is NO ORDINARY MASTER. This is the ULTIMATE MASTER!!

To be the slave of Allah, there 5 traits that qualifies yourself to be the true Slave of Allah:-

1. Love. To be the Slave of Allah, you have to love Allah. It is easy to say this. But to really internalise this is a very difficult. When you see & feel the surroundings, you feel the LOVE for Allah. You acknowledge the true GREATNESS of Allah. Even when you love your spouse, children, friends.. they are the manifestation of your love of ALLAH

2. Obedience. To be the slave of Allah, means that you must obey what the Master desires. This goes without saying.... But if you truely love Allah, then obedience becomes something easy to do. You always give the best to your loved ones without asking anything in return

3. Sincerity. Another trait when you are the Slave of Allah. You do it for the sake of Allah. This is sometimes put to test. When you did something really good, then you are not being recognised by other people. In fact, they critise you for doing those noble things. Then, if you are not sincere, you will then rebel & stop doing those noble things. But, if sincerity is in check, no matter what people say, it does not matter. You do things for the sake of Allah (your Master) & you do not need any recognition from others. If there is, it is okay. If there is not, it is still okay as you are confident that the Master is pleased with you.

4. Trust. Another trait when you are the Slave of Allah. You must have absolute trust in Allah. Whatever he gives you, it is the best for you.Whatever He does not give you, it is also the best for you. Your knowledge is like a drop of water, as compared to His knowledge of like the whole water on the planet earth! If you trsut that whatever He gives you is the best for you, then the Master is All knowing & All loving for His slave...

5. He calls the short. Whatever is the outcome, He is the Master. Remember that! He determines! You are the SLAVE. You have no say in the outcome. You can ask for the outcome, but He calls the short. Period. If you observe close enough, what has happened to you right until this moment is THE BEST thing for you. You just do not know what is BEST for you. So act as a true Slave of Allah!!

So that is it my dear friends... Strive to be the SLAVE of ALLAH... You will never regret ONE BIT...

Love, Obey, Sincere, Trust & Remember that you are just the Slave... Act like one

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