Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dr Zaidah Mustaffa passed away Part2

After zuhur (jemaah prayers) and the short tahlil for Jedah, all family members discussed about who wanted to go to Auckland.

Myself and my aunt already have tickets. My close uncle bought extra 3 tickets for my sister, another aunt and cousin. The remaining MAS tickets to Auckland were bussiness class. He bought the tickets anyway.

My close cousin bought 5 tickets of Singapore Airline (KL-Sing and Sing-Auck) for my brother, my wife, my two daughters and himself. This is truly a very strong bonded family.

All of us bound for Auckland packed our luggage immediately and went straight to KLIA. Alhamdulillah, Allah make a difficult task easy.

My flight to Auckland was the calmest flight I have ever experienced. It went very smoothly.Allah make it easy.

At the Auckland airport, Rudy made special arrangements in order for us to be on express lane. Allah make it easy.

There was already transport waiting for us to bring us to the mosque where the jenazah was. Allah make it easy.

We landed at Auckland airport at 11.30am and by 12.30pm, all ten of us were at the Mangere mosque.Allah make it easy.

I saw my late sister. She looked as if she was smiling. All of us cried. Allah make it easy.

After zuhur prayers, it was time for jenazah prayers. The mosque authority did not allow jenazah prayers in the masjid. We had to pray outside the masjid.

There were many people at the masjid. They came from all races. Malays, Indons, Chinese, Indian, Maouri and NZ. There were many non-muslims. And they joined the saff for solat jenazah. Masyaallah.

Rudy could not be the imam for solat jenazah, so the Sheikh asked me and I agreed.

I did not realised that there were as many (if not more) sisters that prayed solat jenazah on the other side of the mosque.

After finishing solat jenazah, we went to the cemetary at Manukau Memorial Gardens, very near the airport. I can be the witness that whoever was at the masjid also went to the burial ground. The burial went smoothly. Sheikh Rafat said that this funeral is the calmest and most peaceful one he has ever attended.

After the ceremony, a slight drizzle of rain poured and the weather was very calm. It was as if the earth is receiving something very special. Masyaallah.

I cannot remember how many people came and hug me and say good things about Jedah on that day.

Allahu maghfirlaha, warhamha, waa'ifaha wa'fuanha.

Ya Allah make her to be among your slaves Ya Rabb..

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