Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Surah ArRahmaan

Surah ArRahmaan (55) is the most catchy Surah in the whole Quran.

There is one ayaat that is repeated a total of 31 times in this Surah.

The meaning of this repeated ayaat "Then, which of the favours of your Rabb will you both (humans & Jinn) deny?"

Allah azzawajal questions us many times on this particular question.. The signs are all over us that Allah favours are too much for us to mention.

This nature that Allah has built for us is such in a balance that we can live in. Let us add an insignicant small percentage of Oxygen from this atmosphere, then the world is no more balance. The world with say, 1% more oxygen will make many things more prone to explosion as oxygen will aid combustion.

Or, if one of our three main heart artery is blocked, then you will not be able to pump blood as easily as having all arteries working harmoniously.

Anyway back to Surah ArRahmaan, this MOST mercily Allah azzawajal's first mention after ArRahmaan is "Allamal Quran" (He taught you the Quran). The ones whom Allah "teaches" the Quran will have His most mercy bestowed to that person.

Let us all make an effort to really learn the Quran and execute them as it is indeed the Guided Book for the people who Believe"

Make dua for all of us to be Guided by Allah azzawajal.


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